Friday, February 6, 2009

ADD inspired

I don't know how anyone survives wedding planning without feeling like their heads are exploding. I've been working a lot of part time job things (sign shop, assisting Amelia, home improvement for Camille) and thinking about color schemes and marketing schemes in my spare time. I really want to be at a point by this time next year that I feel comfortable lead shooting weddings and making a decent salary that way. So all these things zoom around in my head and I'm a little haggard at this point. So forgive me when my blog posts seem out of the blue or unrelated to anything. Here goes a random glimpse into my nest (my sister will appreciate that reference and I will pretend that it also references my head, adorned with a nest-like lump of bobby-pinned hair at the moment).

I really want a birdcage veil

I want to wear my fiance's mom's belgian veil (he has belgian great grandparents and his mom bought the veil recently on a trip to visit family) for the ceremony with a blusher in front and then a birdcage veil to the reception to give it a nice vintage feel. And I am really loving the idea of red lipstick. dark red.

Also, I'm struggling about the open much will it really cost?

We're moving into our new apartment tomorrow, and it is gorgeous! More on that soon.
Oh, and if you are in the B'ham and need signs, I'm your girl.

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