Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

I was on the weddingbee boards and stumbled upon an Alice in Wonderland post that has some great ideas for a themed reception! I think Garrett and I are both into subtlety but I think some of the ideas could go along quite nicely. To get you started, here is an inspiration board from snippet and ink:

And some ideas from the weddingbee board

vintage playing cards (table numbers, for guests to write on):

-old copies of the book to stack centerpieces on our use as a guestbook...
-and teapots and teacups with flowers in them as centerpieces, something we'd already decided on...

I think reproducing some of the art from older printings would be neat.
-a"topsy turvy" cake is neat, but I couldn't see us doing that.
-one weddingbee poster said she had an alice themed bday party as a kid, I definitely both wish I'd done that and want to have that for my kid (provided that they are a girl).
-I'm thinking a tea time at the end of the night would be nice.

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