Tuesday, March 17, 2009

guestbook ideas

if you are here to see engagement pictures, scroll down to the next two posts...

I didn't wear green today. and didn't get pinched. oh the joys of adulthood.

I'm obsessed with weddingbee.
You have a question about weddings? They have a forum with millions of answers and ideas and pictures. And, my engagement ring was up there which made me feel famous!

So, I came across a photo guestbook forum which is making me wonder what the heck I'll do for my guestbook.

(photo is an album from Adesso)

I thought about using our engagement pictures to make a photo guestbook (a la Nick and Linden) but I want Amelia to take pictures of guests in front of a fabric backdrop and I figure that would work well for a guestbook. So maybe we just make a book of our engagement pics to set on a table along with cards people can write on? I don't want to force people to write a message if they'd rather sign their name, so maybe I'll make different sizes? Then I could have a scrapbook style guestbook with the cards and the photos that I'd have printed later. And I can send thank you notes with a copy of the picture they are in if they had one taken. Or a pic of us and them if we have that. I'm long winded.

Hmmm... I could scan it what they write and make a digital album combining the images and text. thoughts?

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  1. We did an 'advice box' had little slips of paper and a basket so people could give us their marriage or love advice... it was quite humorous and then endearing too. You could do the picture thing and then put picture with advice/comment. Just a thought! Looks like you've been busy!


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