Thursday, March 12, 2009

My life as a drama queen

Okay, so I have been leaving you all in the dark about what I've been up to planning wise because you would've thought I was crazy. And I changed my mind every day. And nothing was final. And now things still aren't final. But here we are.

Garrett and I had the great idea of just going ahead and getting married, like, now. You know, in a few weeks, let's say. This was about 3 weeks ago. Right around the same time that a check engine light turned into over $2000 in car repairs (that was a 2 week process in which everyone that I had any clout with was forced to drive me to or from work with Amelia and, oh right, I'm not pleased). Right around the same time I lost my sign-making job (let's just say it's the economy, that seems to work for most everything). And in the midst of Garrett, his grandpa, and I slept on three air mattresses in our one bedroom apartment for a week (and have continued to do so). It's been fun. Really. But sometimes not.

Anyway, Garrett's face lit up when I said maybe we could do a courthouse wedding with two witnesses and our photographer/my Bham best friend and fellow rockstar Amelia. Then I thought about it and how much my parents will flip if they aren't involved. So I mentioned us having something for everyone on our original (when I say original I mean the one that ended up on a contract, not 8-8 like I wanted at first and not 10-10 like I wanted at second) date.

Then what to do about the dress? Would I wear it to the courthouse? Yes. So, we have to wait until it comes in...which means May 15th (not to mention alterations).

Once Garrett figured out that I might mean that we would get married, keep it a secret, and get married again and wasn't having it. Then I thought about it and no, I didn't really want to be married for 7 months and then get "married" just so people could watch. And so, the blessing was born. We could get blessed after a courthouse ceremony (garrett doesn't like the sound of a civil ceremony). I was thinking we'd hold off on the blessing till october so that my close family and friends could participate.

Are you even still reading? Sorry. I should really speed things up. Garrett didn't want us to go unblessed forever and that makes sense. I planned to move everything up to June, found a date that would work for Amelia and the reception place, so I was set for june. Garrett's mom had already told people october and thought we should keep the reception for then. my mom doesn't want the reception to be that long after the wedding because there isn't really a reason. What I'm hoping will be agreed to is after all this changing is doing the ceremony and blessing on October 2nd and a reception on October 3rd. That way my hair can grow out and maybe we can save up enough for our post-nuptial icelandic/french/belgian adventure.

I should add in a courthouse pic so that you guys think this post is actually interesting. people just like to look at pictures, afterall.

Bam. Click the pic to get to the photographer's website. I'm not sure if the image is from the courthouse we'd be getting married in or not, but I like art deco so that's pretty cool.


  1. lady, you need a wedding coordinator stat.

    and carrie was married to big in a courthouse, so i bet it could be fab.

    so is everything still pushed back to october?

  2. yeah I think we're gonna go with that. plus my hair needs to grow out.


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