Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Registering Madness

My friend Megan and I were talking about my wedding plans a few weeks ago and she said "all of my other engaged friends have wedding websites up and registries, what is the deal?" (paraphrasing probable). Basically, I was way more obsessed with all of the other details of wedding planning than the registering for presents (that we might not even need, but instead just think are cool gadgets). This is one of the few times I'll be able to request super awesome and specialized presents though, so I don't want to waste it. I probably won't be buying a kitchenaid mixer on my own any time soon, or a potato masher, or an SAT words shower curtain. That doesn't mean that we don't desperately need these things.

Here are some images of things I have on our list so far.

Garrett thinks we should only register for a few things so that we'll be sure to get what we want, but since there is nothing absolutely crucial that we're asking for anyway, and you can't let people run out of things on a registry to buy (in my mind at least), I feel this need to pick out things I've never cooked with before and go crazy. Plus, some people will give gifts no matter what and I'd rather give people some helpful hints. And Amazon has a priority list.

We're being really classy and registering for cash gifts too, but it's for our honeymoon to Iceland, Paris, and Belgium. We'll need it.

I'm hoping we'll go to target and do the whole gun thing. I think Garrett would enjoy it though getting him there has been impossible thus far.

So, if you are an amazing chef, what can you not live without in your kitchen? If you are married or engaged, what were some of the items you found necessary for your registry? Is there anything you regret not having/registering for? And, general advice. When you go to a wedding, what kinds of items do you like to buy for people (Garrett is surprised that people really like buying people things like plates and mixing bowls and such), and what price range of items would you want to see on their list? Do you prefer to buy in-store or online?

And I found my bridesmaid dresses today! I'm hoping to go back and take a picture of me in it so you can get an idea of what I'm thinking. But they are silky navy with white polka dots (and I wanted a print), wrap dresses with short sleeves. Hopefully very flattering on everyone, and I really liked it on me too! I should make amelia wear one on my wedding day. :)

And...we'll have some news to post after Thursday!


  1. registering is AWESOME.
    for your kitchen you need a garlic press and biscuit/cookie cutters and a rolling pin. neat free kitchen supplies will encourage you to bake.
    we didn't actually get many of the things on our list, but we got a ButtLoad of cash. so much that we didn't use a bit of our own savings on the honeymoon and still had about a thousand left when we got home.
    oh, and price range? everything. tiny things so people can get a lot (we had twix bars on ours) and big huge things so people can buy as a group if they want. (we had a $700 chair that no one bought.)

  2. Though totally unrelated to this blog post, I enjoyed eating dinner with you and Garrett tonight. The Driving Miss Daisy dress is a bargain find.


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