Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birth Order

I was catching up on the google reader (now that I'm married and done I feel like I can read without being insanely pressured to absorb every precious detail, now I can only encourage others which is great!) and found a weddingbee post about how birth order affects their relationships.

I think it's really interesting and birth order says a LOT about how people are in relationships as far as I can tell. I'm the youngest (of 2 girls) and Garrett's an only child. Which means he is used to alone time and I'm used to annoying the snot out of my (4.5 years) older sister and trying to play with her friends. We both try to re-enact these roles with each other. I loved attention, my sister was my protector, I would say I wasn't spoiled but my parents and sister would probably disagree. Garrett's not used to sharing, can amuse himself with books and music and little else, and is way more independent than me. How has your relationship been affected by birth order?

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