Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peeve, feel free to ignore.

I'm a little irked at the blogging/internet world. I find it bizarre that my entire life is online now, or at least feels like it. I spend most of my time on the computer, editing or blogging, and compared to the time I spend with the clients, it's sad. It's like I have an internet dating relationship. Anyway, it's odd that at least here in Birmingham most referrals are word-of-mouth but we spend so much time with our online presence.

But other than that, it irks me that people urge photographers to watermark their photos so they won't be stolen and that people request that their photographs not be used without permission. I don't mind people reposting my stuff, I just prefer that they say where it came from. I would like to know about it, but I love it when people think my ideas or photographs are good enough to spread on. I guess the fear with photography is that people might print out the images instead of paying you for prints? I want people to have access to the photographs and if they want quality prints, I'd hope they'd order through me. But at least for now I'm not the printer police.

And one more thing, I hate it when blogs give "credit" to a source by simply listing the main website. I've seen it done with EAD, and it's frustrating because there are multiple contributors and if you want to see the item in its original context it's completely unhelpful. If you have trouble keeping up with where things came from get a tumblr. Ok, done ranting. Carry on.

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