Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fabric Yo-Yos: Super Easy DIY

I was browsing jennfunique’s blog (she’s the super fab [headband maker] I featured a few weeks ago) and saw a cute inspiration post with fabric yo-yos on it. They’re nothing new (when I asked my mom if she’d heard of them she laughed at me as if I’d asked if she’d heard of bellbottoms), but in my crafting ignorance I’ve never made them or known how easy they are!

photos by me unless otherwise noted.

I decided to make some for the EAD blogger gift exchange so here’s a guide to making them yourself and what you can use them for!

1.     1Using a round bottomed object and pencil or other non-ink marking implement (I used a china marker) trace a circle onto your fabric. I achieved quarter sized yo-yos with the bottom of a 20 oz glass root beer bottle. Depending on your project, you may want a larger circle.

2.     2. Cut out your circle.

3.    3.  Fold down about ¼” of fabric and weave in and out with a needle and thread around the edge. Keep the stitches fairly close together (no more than ¼” apart), the larger the space between stitches, the larger the opening in the center will be.

      You can use a running stitch to work a little faster.

      4. Once you get back to the beginning, pull the loose end of the thread to form a little drawstring pouch. I usually sew through the top to secure the yo-yo before I tie it off. Then, flatten it and start on the next!

Use your yo-yos to:

decorate clothes, bags, headbands with a cluster of yo-yos

cover a blanket with an all-over yo-yo motif

image source, A Jelly Girl

make a garland to decorate your computer or doorways

(this is the strand I made for Rebekah of EAD!)

Sew some together and add a metal ring or two to attach to a necklace

They are so so easy and fun to make and an excellent way to use leftover fabric scraps. I’d love to hear what you end up making with them! And if you love the look but aren’t feeling crafty, check out etsy for some yo-yo gifts.

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