Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Wedding: Reception Part I

Our first dance was to "Alabama Waltz" by Hank Williams. Garrett picked it and it was perfect in a lot of ways. It's Hank Williams (Garrett's a big fan and my uncle was impressed), it mentions Alabama, it was fairly short, and it's pretty. Plus it'll be very memorable for us and is fairly unique. Not sickeningly sweet or cliche.

"Okay, DJ, it's cake cutting time."

Oh, don't worry, Garrett did smush cake in my face. He was just smart enough to do it with the piece German chocolate groom's cake that was sans icing and thus did not mess up my face or my dress. Because otherwise, there would've been a beat down.

Garrett's grandpa gave us Waterford Crystal toasting glasses for the occasion (and we've been too scared to use them for anything else thus far, they are so nice!) and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

The face in the middle is to my mom and aunt, telling us we were supposed to lock arms, to which we replied that we'd already tried that at our private dinner. But we did it again anyway. And while not graceful, we were successful.

I love this picture so much. Can't this be our Christmas card? Champagne is glorious.

You know the deal:
Photography by Kristen Stewart and Hillary Stegall , editing by Kelly Cummings .

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