Monday, January 25, 2010


me and my husband, Garrett after the game!

So, when Garrett and I watched the SEC championship and figured out that Alabama would be headed to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for the National Title, we immediately decided we had to be there. An analogy was even made to the When Harry Met Sally scene where Sally talks about how she and Joe were happy they weren't tied down because they could flee to Paris at a moment's notice (and to that hard cold Mexican tile in the Kitchen, haha), but how they never did. It was totally worth it, and it was amazing to be there for the return of the Tide.

I'm not a native to the state of Alabama like Garrett (who was born in Tuscaloosa while his parents were in college), but Garrett's obsession with Alabama is contagious. A lot of people are surprised that he is so in love with football, there certainly is a stereotype of football fans that Garrett does not fit. But, there is something really great about supporting your team to victory. I do laugh, but I love all the little superstitions. I was almost banned from going to the game because the only other Bama game I've attended was the Sugar Bowl last year, which was tragic. I brought up the fact that we left before it was over, and thus as long as we stayed through the BCS bowl it would be just fine.

incase you are unfamiliar, the Alabama A is like the Atlanta Braves', but with a swoosh on top. I only kind of felt like I was advertising The Scarlett Letter. But the A is in white anyway, so I guess I'm clear. Oh, and Bear Bryant (football coach for Alabama for 25 years, taking them to 6 National Championships) wore a houndstooth hat, which is why you see so much houndstooth at the games. I got a kavu houndstooth bag for Christmas and I already have a houndstooth skirt and jacket, just in case.

I was made to learn the fight song and Rammer Jammer before I could go, and I bought Football for Dummies for good measure. I've come a long way since when I first watched a game on tv with Garrett (I did not know what a down was and couldn't even really get the explanation). He's been patient and hopefully it paid off, since I led us to victory in Pasadena.

Our wedding date was even decided with the football schedule in mind, something I would've never thought about without such a fanatic for a husband. You might know what I'm talking about if you're in similar shoes. I'm really glad to be a fan, and there's something so warm about nodding and saying "roll tide" to a compatriot.

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