Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In search of a handbag

The bag I used to carry (see above) has gone from a once alluring leather-esque gray to drab, and fast. The coating over the material has crackled off, in a way reminiscent of snakeskin. I just carry my zipper ruffle wallet from Urban Outfitters around all the time. And I love it, but it really isn't functional for a grown-up. I am constantly attempting to balance my keys and wallet and phone and ink pens and my day planner. Ugh. But every time I look at purses in a store I'm underwhelmed.

 I need something hypothetically big enough to carry my camera for days I am not specifically shooting, and it needs to hold my planner and wallet as well. Perhaps I need more of a color kick as well? Though, based on my selections I'm definitely into brown right now. And purples.

I put my personal style idol, Megan LaRussa on the case and she scoped out some possibilities for me at Urban Outfitters (apparently hipster is my style, and that's really okay). Since I'm not planning on heading there just yet and I am ridiculously impatient, here are my favorites from the internets. With some Juicy Couture and Dooney & Bourke just for kicks.




p. p. q. r.

a. LOCK-IT LARCHMONT HOBO, $378 (Juicy Couture)



dDeux Lux Geo Pattern Tote, 49.99 on sale (originally $58)  (UO)

eDeux Lux Studded Satchel, on sale for $39.99 (originally $68) (UO)

f.  Deux Lux Zipper Panel Satchel $68.00 (UO)

g.Large Zipper Pocket Sac, $265 (dooney & bourke)
I want it in plum, but it's not in stock and there's no photo available.

h. Saddle Bag, $350 (dooney & bourke)
too small for my purposes but I really want it anyway.

i. Medium Lucy Bag, $395 (dooney & bourke)

j.  Deux lux ruffle Bucket Bag, $68 (UO)
this one would be ridiculous because it is basically the same as my wallet, they are even the same brand.

k. Deux Lux Prism Satchel $39.99(Was $68.00) (UO)

l. Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote, $58 (UO)

m. Doctor Satchel, $425 (dooney & bourke) 

n. Deux Lux Embroidered Satchel, $68 (UO)

o. Large Shoulder Tassel Bag, $475 (dooney & bourke)

p. Deux Lux Basketweave Satchel, $58 (UO)
I can't decide between the lilac and brown.

q. Saddlery Buckle Bag, $58 (UO)

r. Sabina Leather Satchel$198.00 (UO)


  1. F or N - I can't believe both are Urban Outfitters! Not sure if the color will fade quickly again though. Bulga, Kooba, Hayden Harnett, Lauren Merkin have reasonably priced colored leather bags and go on sale!

  2. f, p or r.

    also... i started a new blog. its not about being bold, but that might be next.


  3. Yeah, I'm shocked that UO has so many options now! and so cheap!

  4. c, f, k, q

    I had to get those out before I forgot them. I just got a giant bag from urban for $20 and I love it. But it is giant, I can fit my head and a shoulder on it (yes, I put it on my head). I also really loved the saddlery buckle bag. It is a great color and great structure.

    I also liked the ruffle one that matches your wallet. I have such a hard time picking out purses, I mean I have been searching for a new one since the beginning of December. Good luck, I can't wait to see what you pick out. Oh! Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)

  5. You can never go wrong with a neutral or a bright color. I think I have owned one black bag in my whole entire life- if you want a bag, get a BAG! :) I say A


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