Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 or the last year on Earth

It's just funny to say, like Y2K was. Either way it's been pretty amazing so far. Just before the New Year I received 2 copies of Southern Living Weddings, which came out officially January 6th, which contained a spread with images from one of my 2011 weddings, which is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me to date. Meeting my husband might be a bit more exciting (teasing, of course it was, because the idea of a soulmate of any sort is far more rare than a magazine), but that didn't happen this year, so the magazine wins.

I hope I never have actual resolutions again. My personality resists them very strongly, and I have trouble planning things anyway (besides shooting weddings, and planning what to wear for big parties, although deciding what to wear for Airplanes & Blazers 2 is proving difficult). This year I started out blogging on my photography blog everyday while the husband was in Hueco, Texas on a climbing trip, and it was a lot easier then. Once he got home I just wanted to spend time with him. And sleep. I love sleeping. It's one of the only non-productive things I don't feel guilty about (with the exception of naps, which I don't take anymore for the most part). I am not a daily routine taskmaster.

What I am in some way committing myself to this year is being more organized. We finally moved (with the exception of a few hard to pack items that I'll be working on picking up this week) into a new apartment, and I've been in love with the additional bedrooms (we went from one to three), and additional closet space. I've been buying bins and containers and trying desperately to have a place for everything (and everything in it's place). I'd love to blame my messiness on my creative mind but at some point you grow up and excuses aren't useful anymore (they really weren't ever).

So here's to 2012, which is to be a year of washing clothes (HOORAY for having a washer and dryer at the new place, best improvement possible), putting things away (I sound like I'm talking about training a 3 year old), and getting help with my business to-do list. In June of last year I got an intern finally, and we became great friends, she left and spent a semester in London, she went back to college (bummer), and now I have a new intern who actually went to high school with the first. It's amazing. It's really fun sharing what I do with the next generation of adults, who are not old and 25 like me, I hope to steal their youth and laughter. No, but really, learning to delegate has been the best best best thing for my business. I booked 12 over my goal number of weddings that I set at the start of last year and in January I'm already only 5 away from this year's goal (I hope I make it, although I have a much more balanced expectation this year).

I jump around a lot, and that might be hard for one to follow, but I write these things for myself anyway. Tonight I shined my sink in the new place, an odd first step to making things happen that I learned from a book my mom has, though several years after she offered it to me to read; and I feel great about the things I can do from there.

Cheers to your new year as well.

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