Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deep Cleaning Gas Stove Burners

One of my resolutions for January is to deep clean one thing a day. After seeing a pin on pinterest suggesting that gas stove burners can in fact be cleaned (I'd previously put in a fair amount of effort with no results), I was most excited to try this one out.

The process is very simple, you simply take off the grates and burner cover, place them in a plastic trash bag, pour in half a cup of ammonia (be mindful of the fumes), and tie it up. The fumes work on the burnt spots, loosening them. I left them in the bag for a few hours, one "recipe" I read said 30 minutes, so I scrubbed a bit after 30 minutes (with gloves on) and decided that a few hours would probably be even better (another blogger had left hers in for 4 hours). There are still a few stubborn spots but they are hardly noticeable and might actually just be worn places, so I'm really thrilled with the results. Here are my before and afters photos!


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