Monday, June 24, 2013

Photo Tent Review for The LA Shop

I guess I've officially achieved my first blogger perk, The LA Shop contacted me about reviewing a photo tent for them based on my interest in photography (and via this blog in specific!). I could get used to getting free things in the mail!

The photo tent didn't come with instructions so at first I was worried that I wouldn't figure out how to set it up, but the website actually does a good job of showing everything in image form. I love that everything folds up and stores in one bag, which is about the size of an artist's portfolio bag.

The kit comes with multiple backdrops that attach via velcro. I only played around with the white and black, and since the carpet in my office is striped I had to layer the black beneath the white so that the rug wouldn't show through, but the back is much more opaque.

I use a DSLR and the tripod that comes with the kit seemed too light for a professional dslr, so I decided to play with the really fun iphone tripod instead. It fits an iphone 4, but for this photo I'm using my friend's iphone 5, which is too thin but we made it work. The tripod definitely helps with motion blur from holding the phone yourself, and I thought it was the most fun part.

For anyone selling items on ebay or etsy this photo tent seems to be a really great way to get a clean background and more even lighting, even if you only have a point and shoot or iphone to use.

The lights do get really hot, so you should probably go ahead and set up the angle you want them before turning them on, and you should let them cool before storing.

Thank you to The LA Shop for the photo tent! I've enjoyed having something to play with!


  1. Thanks for posting! Photo Tent. Photo Tent

  2. I love my photo tent!! Makes displaying various items so much easier!! It does take a little getting used to but from what I have seen anyone can become an expert in no time!


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