Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CNN reminded me that polaroid is expiring [and while I have suspicions that it will end up as a marketing technique to make a retro comeback in a few years (I think gocco and related products probably similarly profited by raising the hype)] and though I haven't had a polaroid camera since the sticker camera I got when I was maybe 11 or so, I want one now. I'm also lusting after the holga and diana which I didn't know much about until a little over a year ago. if you need to feed your instant-photo cravings you can look to polanoid.net.

also, i have to recommend escazu chocolate, made in my home state (NC). The Beaufort Bar with sea salt is my favorite of the ones I've tried

and my second favorite has pumpkin seeds and chili powder


  1. oh mon dieu, sticker cameras!

    in middle school, the inside of my locker was covered in those tiny pictures.

    i want one now. :(

  2. its linden, btw. blogmauling you.


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