Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dress shopping

A fair amount has happened since my last post. My fio [probably already coined but I've decided to refer to my fiance as the fio and myself as the fia] got a job and starts Monday. I am jobless with 2 maybe prospects and some possible internship possibilities photo-wise. As far as weddings go, I have tried on gowns at one shop, Ivory and White here in Mountain Brook, AL. As far as my experience, the owner and her assistant were very helpful in bringing me gowns that fit what I was looking for (Mermaid silhouette, probably strapless, probably some amount of lace) and they did have 2 I really loved. For someone with a little bit higher budget they would be perfect. The shop is really cute and the dressing rooms are lovely. They also let me take pictures, very important since I was there with my FMIL and my mom is many states away where I can't try on dresses in front of her. We talk a lot though, she seems to be getting excited.

From my first dress (and only to date) try on, this is the shape I want, but not the color and style.

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  1. so megan referred me here to stalk you through your wedding planning journey. ohhh i like the shape of that dress on you! like the color too!


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