Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bridezilla moment #1

Not really, just kidding. I called my fiance's church to try to book our date and it was taken. Which, to be honest, made me flip out and cry and be really ridiculous. Fio (who will let me refer to him as Gideon, so I will) calmed me down though and I am now assured that it will still be perfect no matter what. So, I let go of the date. Which has a bonus, the person I really want to be my photographer will be open all but one weekend in October so I can probably get her booked, if the church will call me back about dates open for them. And, in other news, I think I found my dress, for less than $4000 and if all is right with the world I will be back there tomorrow to try it on with FMIL and order it. Then in May I will be able to try the real thing on and hopefully will not have gained 50 lbs. I would post it if Gideon did not read my blog at all, but I can respond to personal inquiries and maybe I will get even better pictures tomorrow to show you. Lesson learned: be flexible and relax and things will be just fine. But you might still be over budget.

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