Friday, January 23, 2009


So, I haven't posted in a while because things were hectic and I didn't want to jinx us. We wanted 8-8 and that was booked at Gideon's church. We wanted 10-10 and that was also booked. They said we could do the evening of the 8th (6pm) or the morning of the 10th (10:30) and the photographer I wanted (THE Amelia Strauss) was booked for the 8th and not the 10th. So I said, hey, why no the 10th? Then the church said the other girl getting married on the 10th said her flowers were coming that morning so we couldn't do it. I was tres upset. But, then light hit the end of the tunnel and I have a day, church, reception, and photographer. I am very happy and can continue planning so life is glorious. I promise I'll be adding some of my planning ideas soon. But, I will be an October 2009 bride and I can't wait to marry my love.

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