Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Yesterday I played Bunko with the FMIL and 10 other ladies I'd never met. I was certainly skeptical of a luck-game where you throw three dice and count and have a partner and all that jazz, but it was actually a lot of fun. The women were all of approximately my mom's generation and they ooohed and ahhhed over me getting married and planning and me being from North Carolina. I know women get made fun of for their birdlike cooing but it is actually pretty pleasant and warm when directed toward you (or at least to me).

As far as how the game works... You sit at a table with 3 other people. You have a partner and you and your partner want to be the first to reach 21 in points. You have 6 rounds and in the first you're rolling ones. So you have 3 dice, and roll. If any of them is a one, each one is one point and you roll again. If all three are ones it's a Bunko because you are rolling ones. It's automatically 21 points. If you roll three of a kind of any of the other numbers it's 5 points. There's also a lucky number and if you get all three of it (ours was fives) you get to hold onto a box. If another player gets three of the lucky number they can take the box. The last one with the box wins a prize. Confused? You also switch partners every number and switch tables every 3 rounds. (this group has an optimal number of 12). I think it's probably a lot easier to start it if you have someone who has played and thus knows the rules.

In the end I won a prize for the most losses. We played for cash so everyone put $10 in. Maybe I'll force my friends into it some time. So be ready for it.

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