Monday, February 2, 2009

Life update

I am sorry for failing at posting more frequently... but I've been tumbling pretty faithfully! It's just as cool and even more useful than the amazon universal wishlist, but it makes me pretty lazy about posting. Basically I can link to a site with the simple press of a button on my bookmarks bar to show my mom and friends bridesmaid dresses I like, floral arrangements, how I want to leave the reception (I want to keep it a secret so no one else does it first and my mom disapproves of it so we'll see), etc. I recommend it for the unorganized blogger--you can use it to keep track of where you got your images and ideas too!

Oh, and just to change again, My wedding is going to be October 3rd, set in stone, not moving, October 3rd. That can be a blog post for later.

Anyway, I've been practicing making bouquets. The first was mini, just four pink roses. The second was 10 purple tulips and I loveeee it. In real life I'll be using yellow ranunculus though. Here are how they turned out:

everything you need: floral shears, ribbon, pins (I used quilting pins), and florist tape (it's a lot like the wraps they use to bandage you after you give blood).

for more of the second bouquet check out my photography blog!

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