Friday, February 27, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but my life has been reminiscent of a tv movie lately. I am awaiting car repairs after pulling over while smoke engulfed the front end of my car, I got a tow, talked to a lot of people and tried to make them my best friends along the way, and now I just wait until they fix it. The rest of my life is pretty up in the air as well. I was working at a sign shop and that is no longer but Garrett and I found an awesome letterpress shop yesterday that might need help or at the least show me how things work (more on them in a future post, I'm planning to take pictures when I go back). Just so I don't leave you completely without my wedding related interests in the past week or so, here are some photos and links...

vintage cake topper... I would need to be blonde though

(from ebay, idea from weddingbee)

french anemones:

from a bride in the making

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  1. a vintage cake topper would go perfectly with your idea of vintage tea cups- gah, its gonna be precious.


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