Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wedding photo pet peeve

It might be because I've shot a few weddings, or because I'm an aesthetic snob, or because I hate plastic hangers... but why, oh why do people always seem to have their dresses that cost thousands of dollars on plastic coat hangers? I'll be pretty angry with myself if I don't remember to get a better hanger and use it. I might just buy one now to save myself the trouble.

Proof that people do this to follow...I'm collecting.


  1. can definitely use some of my pictures as proof, since I'm pretty sure I did that. But to be fair- my dress didn't cost thousands of dollars.

  2. yeah but I don't think it was blaringly obvious in photos...I'll have to look through and see. And your wedding was amazing regardless.

  3. YES INDEED. I have noticed this in lots of people's hanging dress photos, and it drives me nuts too! They need to have a nice wooden hanger, or one of those hangers that is covered in fabric.

  4. thanks for emailing us! love your blog. :)

    totally agree about the hangers! definitely something to add tot he list.


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