Friday, March 20, 2009

The ever important fitness.

I used to be a runner. I might say that even saying "used to be" means I never was, because let's face it. runners die running. They run until they are 80 something. So I am to running what a social smoker is to cigarettes. I started running cross country in ninth grade after previous attempts at sports were unsuccessful (didn't make basketball in middle school...being 5'2" didn't help, and I "made" softball but that just meant that I shared a uniform with someone else and got to play in one game all season...and the next year stuck to stats. I had a brief stint with cheerleading and I loved flying, but I'm really just not a cheerleader either). That was the first year that we had XC at our school and I got "most improved" because my time went down 7 minutes during the season... which led to the comment "geez, how slow were you?" Which was fair. I got lost in the woods my first race because I was that far behind. But I did improve quite a bit, stuck with it, got top ten in my conference as a sophomore, etc.

I ran on a club team in college and finished a half marathon. But I dropped off and getting back to running has been a lot like a yo-yo diet. When Garrett and I met on a field school in Natchez, MS I was getting up at 6:30 every morning to run 3 miles before digging for the next 8. That lasted for about a month. The time changed and I was tired. I go on health kicks and then not so healthy kicks pretty regularly but having a wedding date is definitely motivation to get into gear. As soon as I got to Birmingham (I moved here from NC with my fiance) I got engaged (the day I got here) and started running. Then I hurt my knee on the kitchen table and was out of commission for weeks! So I'm back to it now. There are lots of pretty parks around here and a lot of runners. I did have a gym membership back in NC but right now I'm not working completely full time and running is free. So a little closer to October I'll probably start gyming so I can tone. It's still hard though, my brain finds any excuse not to run and the only realistic time being the morning is hard too.

What keeps you on track (no pun intended)?


  1. ew, running. nick used to be a runner, did he ever tell you that? he was on asu's track team and everything and then he did that bad thing to his knee that you running people do to your knees. that's what happens. you should belly dance instead, way more fun.
    and p.s. what the EFF on your mini body can you tone? don't be one of those gross arm muscle brides.
    and p.p.s. we're coming to visit you very very soon for ttd! I'm thinking next month, if you have time?

  2. I would be so tickled! I don't really know my schedule yet but I'm pretty flexible no matter I think. And Garrett and I can tell you places to go if there is a day you are here that we work. I'm part-time and completely flexible with my photography gig and possibly interviewing to fill the other two days with anthropologie or a letterpress. we'll see. But I will make time to see you and trash your dress if you desire :)

  3. oh, and seeing as I have 5 lb. dumbbells only (is it really not dumbells?) I won't be toning my arms so much. Just thighs and tummy. and just a little bit. But you can't talk, because you are oh so tiny!


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