Saturday, March 21, 2009

my [unsuccessful] trip into the [fabric] jungle

Today I set out into the great unknown of the fabric jungle...a store going out of business, about 20 minutes outside of Birmingham (which seems to be a great distance for the dwellers of Birmingham, even though where I'm from until maybe a year ago the nearest walmart (great landmark of success and civilization, I know) was 15 minutes away. The nearest decent mall, 45 minutes. People think I'm crazy to have ventured to Jasper to get my dress (about an hour's drive). But sheesh, Atlanta's only 2 hours away. I guess I'm more optimistic about Birmingham life than most natives.

Anywho, I went to salvage something from this fabric jungle (which I did not find first time around with my gps. And they only take cash or check, so no debit or credit. Here are the swatches I returned with, however I made no decision.

I want a fabric backdrop at the reception for a backdrop for an Amelia-run photobooth, but I want it to be fun.

from Lena and Joshua's wedding (I really like the whole thing)

I realized that I have no real theme, thus excluding the tropical fabrics, the nautical fabrics, the monkey fabrics (Garrett hates monkeys anyway)... I wanted to stick to our theme, navy and yellow, but everyone seems to think I shouldn't want my bridesmaids or guests to blend in. How fun would a Zach Braff re-enactment of Garden State be though?

(image source)

Maybe I'll just make my girls' dresses. Out of the same fabric. I do kind of have a 20's love. And want a birdcage veil for the reception, maybe some hats for people to wear, maybe a dry erase board. I'm pretty sure Garrett thinks I'm lame. I want vintage suitcases at the reception, and the courthouse is art deco. But is vintage 20s a doable theme? Any fabric suggestions, heh? We're in the process of getting internet in our apartment so it's been a painfully slow experience of getting free internet through some unknown numbered and weak signal.

Here's a fabric I like... I'm not damask obsessed but I think it'd make a pretty backdrop or table runners. Thoughts or suggestions?


  1. i really really love this. the navy patterns are my favorite.
    get a book called Vintage Vavoom..
    or just go here-

    you have to sort through some cheesy flowery things, but there's lots of super pretty vintage 20s patterns and ideas.

  2. ok, i lied. don't go to that blog. i just looked at it and it's crap. just look for the book.


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