Monday, April 6, 2009

Alright bridesmaids... and anyone else that is wise, jobless, good at searching the intenet, an art history major... I need/want to find some art deco and art nouveau art for inspiration for my save the dates & invitations! I'll probably end up buying a book but I thought I'd try this first.

I'm thinking more borders and decorative swirls and such versus naked women. Garrett really likes Klimt (you know him from The Kiss painting) and illuminated painting. so maybe gold on navy for the stds? Or navy on white. Or Navy on white with gold accents. No idea but I need a wedding website and STDs stat.


  1. can't go wrong with sunbursts and chevron patterns. or are those too architectural?
    found this-
    but i think it might be a crappy website.

    oh, oh! i just thought- are you doing the going-away outfit thing after the reception? a cloche hat(I have at least 3..does this make me lame?) and vintage suit would be super art deco with the rep lips.

  2. not too architectural and I like the site, the invite on the left has a cool fan thing going on. I'm not sure if I'll do a going away outfit or not but I agree that the hat & suit and red lips would be tres chic. I wanna see your hats! I need some. I think amelia and I are gonna have hat weeks & wear a diff one everyday.


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