Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, what if, instead of one fabric for a backdrop, I make a quilt between now and the wedding and that gets hung up as our backdrop? Ok, we have some options here. (And one option is that the idea sucks and I should just do a plain fabric background and make the quilt something separate). I can either purchase fabric in my wedding colors or with things that relate to me and Garrett (hedgehogs, archaeology [indians, arrowheads, trowels?], hares, puppies?, headphones (him), jellyfish) but I think the animals would be better for a kids quilt maybe for our kids one day. I do want the fabric, but not necessarily for this project. Or I can ask people to submit fabric that they have lying around or that means something to them. Then at the reception they could see how a part of them became us. Or, I could make the finished product into a pic for our thank yous if it takes me forever to finish. I don't know. But I am obsessed with etsy now and it could be so cute. Picture it...

(all images via etsy)


  1. is that eiffel tower fabric? eeeek! this is a great idea...what if you did squares in fabrics that have k&g themes with wedding color borders? and you could use it for the guest book table cloth something, if not the photo booth background. i fully volunteer to stitch for the next six months.

  2. oh,and i'm sure you've found this on etsy if you're looking up fabric- but here it is anyway-

  3. I like the quilt idea! And I like the idea of a quilt that represents you and Garrett and your wedding. I also like the idea about having friends send fabric. So you know how to do the quilting? I want to learn.

  4. I have a vague idea of the quilting. enough that I can maybe do a squares only pattern?


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