Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses!

Garrett and I went to the coast last weekend (where we went to a crawfish boil, pics of that are up on facebook and There was an outlet center nearby and his cousin needed a dress so we went shopping. I unexpectedly found my bridesmaid dresses at Banana Republic. I knew I wanted navy dresses and I wanted a print instead of a solid (I don't like solid navy very much and I think the print actually does add to the wearability. It's a silky short sleeved wrap dress (wrap dress=adjustable=no alterations necessary) with cream colored polka dots. If I could justify spending the money I'd get it for myself. Not that the money was bad, $90 regular price and some of my girls found it on clearance (by calling a store) for $60! Now I just need to decide if I'll force a particular shoe on them (I'm wearing yellow and yellow would be fun but it'd also be a lot of work. But we have 6 months, so we'll see). Since everyone has ordered them and I no longer worry that they'll run out, here is a pic of me and my bridesmaid linden in the dress!


  1. I actually have yellow shoes that would be quite perfect with my dress. FYI.

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