Wednesday, April 1, 2009

you snooze, no shoes

I saw a pair of shoes on etsy that were just lovely, exactly what I wanted. vintage, yellow, closed toe, heels (I'm 5'2"). I waited to order them because I wasn't 100% sure and I couldn't try them on first, etc. And they disappeared maybe two days before I logged in to order them. They were from Spain and a size 8 and hopefully they would be too big for my feet anyway. Here they are (weep!):

Yesterday I did some more searching and found another shoe that could work, though it's significantly more...$178

What do you think? Should I hope for another yellow shoe on etsy? go vintage store hunting? or, you have a pair to sell me? really? sweet!


  1. are you trying to find a muted yellow color or a bright yellow? because these aren't vintage,, but they're very very yellow: (and i loooove 'em)

  2. I got my shoes on ebay for $40 (jcrew)
    it might take some waiting, but something'll come up!
    (btw, I'm 5'2" too - no plans to be a midget bride! ;) )


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