Friday, April 17, 2009

Go and be inspired!

I don't do this too often and I think it's probably good for people who don't subscribe to every single wedding blog in their google reader. That being said, if you don't have googlereader, a tumblr, and subscriptions to a few good sites you should! That is, if you want to be visually overloaded like I am all the time. And since I'm a photographer I love it. Although I should be shooting more with all of this inspiration I have. And that being said, if you want to model for my crazy shoot ideas and live in the BHM or want to sign up for my next NC trip, let me know. Okay, on with the pictures!

from ritzy bee...why I need an umbrella and really cute shrug.

Really great lingerie shower present idea from Jo on Smitten

Having a potluck reception (I wish I was)

Ellie from mint's gorgeous wedding guestbook. I'm thinking of having people sign cardstock that I make into a book later (so I can add images in) and I like the idea of binding it in a handmade book. very nice.

What do you love online? Anyone else have tumblrs?

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    these make me drool. i wonder if i could rent one just for everyday use?


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