Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hello again from Stagnant Lake

I'm at such a standstill on my wedding planning...because I have so much else going on! This week I'm at the A Bryan Photo workshop here in Birmingham and Lara Casey from Southern Weddings was here to speak yesterday! Since I just moved from Chapel Hill and that's where the magazine is based, I was so sad to leave right before their first issue. But I am so glad I've met all the A Bryan guys and Lara, the bride in me is going crazy. I dreamt that I picked up my dress yesterday and it didn't need any hemming. So anyway, I am feeling so inspired right now and you'll have to keep me on my A-game as far as meeting new people and taking more pictures! I promise to post so much more about the workshop but for now ask me questions my STDs! You know, whichever.

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