Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I know I've been a bad blogger!

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I've been so busy lately with the launch of my photography website, A Bryan Photo's workshop, shoots, editing, and then Disney World! I really want to post about everything but you'll need to give me some time to catch up, I've been on the go and have a personal to-do list a mile long!

For now, I know Linden's opinion of this, but how do you feel about Disney obsessed brides? I hadn't been to Disney since I was in 7th grade and I didn't feel like it was lame, I just figured it couldn't be that much fun after the age of 12. I really loved it though. We were there with Garrett's parents and uncle and his family, which included a 3 1/2 year old, Warren, and his 8 mo. old brother, Samuel. Warren went around saying "Happy Mickey!" the first day like someone would say happy birthday. He loved the Donald Duck mouth whistle Garrett and I bought and went around making loud duck whistles at strangers. He asked every adult in sight what their name was. It was awesome.

But besides that, Disney World is a really happy place. We had a meal where the waiter threw straws at us, brought garrett a coke in a 64 oz. mason jar (which we nearly made ourselves sick trying to finish before he got back to the table so he'd be impressed), had the entire restaurant bring us ketchup bottles when we asked for ketchup, and Warren got to ride around the restaurant on a stick horse. Most of the people seemed happy to work at Disney, and I even got excited when we would see a character.

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As much as I love Disney, I could only see me incorporating it into my wedding in a subtle way. Garrett and I really love Alice in Wonderland but I won't go so far as a topsy turvy cake (even if it's white) or crazy colored anything.

I really loved The Little Mermaid when I was little (matching pink shirt with ariel, printed shorts, and printed jellies...ariel cake topper at one of my birthdays), and to be honest if the Disney inspired Bridal gown for Ariel was what I wanted in a gown I would've probably have considered it. I actually do like the new one for Giselle:

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My main issue with the dresses is that they seem to be just vaguely inspired by the princesses and are too normal. Maybe because dressmakers have been making cinderella dresses this whole time, because brides want to be princesses.

All that being said, I'm for subtlety in themes. I will have a little bit of vintage, a little bit of Alice, a little art deco, but you won't go to my wedding thinking you should've come in costume. At Disney World I preferred subtle mickeys (the classic mickey head shape was featured in a pretty floral design in the shower curtain at our hotel and made it's way into the southwestern tapestry pattern on the floor) to a shirt that said Disney world. Garrett and I liked the Tower of Terror gear that just had the hotel's emblem on it.

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How do you feel about incorporating your obsessions into your wedding? And what if your fiance doesn't share your enthusiasm?

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