Saturday, June 27, 2009

So, after a long day of game show network, working out, and playing one round of deal or no deal online in which I won $500,000 in fake money, of course I feel the need to blog.

I know a candy buffet would be completely unnecessary, but my new favorite color is yellow and I have in my head this vision of candy filled jars (mason jars, maybe, even?) that I'm not sure I can shake. Although, my budget is waning, so I'm not sure I should be taking on any extra expenses. We haven't lined up a cake yet (though, we want really really simple, white, plain, 3 tiered, so we should easily get one for $500 or less, right?)

So, should I stick with all yellow, which limits my flavor options (lemon, banana, butterscotch, and a few jelly belly flavors, like buttered popcorn which I love!) or do I just pick candies I like, and decorate the jars? (sour patch kids, chocolate covered almonds, reeses pieces, truffles, meltaway mints, etc). Or alternate the yellows with the mixes? Your call.

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  1. buttered popcorn is my favorite jelly belly- everyone else always seems to hate 'em- this may be why we are friends.

    i say mix it up and just have candies you love instead of just by color. here's another pretty one:


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