Thursday, June 25, 2009

In love with...

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At the moment, as I am quite hyped up on caffeine, I'm finding looking at vintage/pin-up and boudoir pictures irresistible. I want to be in a vintage shoot and almost as much I want to buy a bunch of furniture and photograph people with fake eyelashes (you are confused, and that's okay. I'm in possession of a lot of false eyelashes for the purpose of reviewing them).
Is anyone reading my blog planning to do a boudoir shoot? Or have you? I'm interested in seeing some inspirational vintage shots. I'm more interested in cute/sweet/coy/sexy than lots-o-skin in your face. Pretty versus vamped up. Not to mention I don't have a pin-up sized chest. I have a cute yellow bathing suit I'd like pictures in & I love dresses.
I love vintage hair but I don't think I want to look that different from real life on my wedding day. So I feel like a separate vintage shoot would be fun. With nothing that would shock people I know. Thoughts? I will throw in loads of pictures incase you are lacking inspiration or haven't seen boudoir before. I've been an assistant for a few sessions and it's fun. Plus, the photos turn out just gorgeous.

Any suggestions for places from which I can purchase vintage style lingerie?

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