Monday, June 15, 2009

Play time

I had my first real weekend in a while (wedding photography doesn't lend itself to free weekends) and minus the torrential downpour (alabama's weather is ridiculous) and it lent itself quite nicely to playing with the french netting I got in! Garrett said I looked creepy, corrected himself and said that I wouldn't if it were my wedding day, then said he was joking... I was wearing my super bright neon on black spring break 2008 shirt... which I'll spare you from. I looked straight up like the 80s baby I am.

So clearly it won't be just randomly bobby pinned to my head but the style is kind of similar, a really small veil, not all the way across my head, and I'm thinking of adding some fabric flower embellishment. I'm really excited about it so I think I'll jump on it, unlike the rest of the to-do list.


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