Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Pony Tale

I really love blogging, even when I don't have anything specific on my mind. Or when I have everything on my mind and can't narrow it down. Isn't life more fun that way? So, today, we shall talk about hair, yes?

I have gone my whole life back and forth between relatively short hair (never a boy cut, but a lot of bobs, one stacked 'do that Garrett loathed, just below my ears) and long, upper back length hair. I feel like I am a short hair person but I realize that with the amount of time it takes me to grow my hair out the time probably comes out equal.

really bad pic of my with long hair but there's a monkey! I only have maybe 1 picture of me with long hair down that I like anyway. It's much more tricky to me.

I have no real fear when it comes to my hair. My mom always said whatever I did would grow out so she didn't care. She did care when I came home for thanksgiving as a brunette one year. "My baby is a blonde! Who are you?" Yeah, it was slightly traumatic.

Me with the brown hair at my friend (and bridesmaid!) Megan's bday.

So, since Garrett and I met I went from short, slightly lighter than natural blonde hair (about an inch below my chin), to very short bob, to just barely pony tail length. Per his suggestion I got bangs (straight down bangs, and they were good), started wearing them as side bangs, then grew them out. Then I decided to dye my hair brown again. The first time I went to hair cuttery and got some crazy pixie many moore channeling cut with a random piece of hair on one side so I attempted to kind of do the same thing. The hair color mutated into a reddish color and got lighter, I started dyeing blonde on top of it, ended up with a weird mix between red and blonde...

my 21st birthday. Garrett and I had known each other maybe 2 weeks? he bought me the drink, it was a bellini or something, and delicious.

the bob that he hated. hahaha. I thought it was really fun. He said "I like your hair more every day, because it gets longer."

Somewhere in all the inbetween I moved to Birmingham and got engaged! Yay! Only, my hair was just to the bottom of my ears...and we decided to get married in August (then switched to October, where we are now). The results? A constant battle for length and natural hair color. I don't mind the color thing so much, it's gotten close to natural from the random $3/box dyes I do here and there. And I might go get professional color, I just prefer eating fancy meals and buying dresses to anything else that costs money. Is that so wrong?

a very blonde point in my life. and my sister's, apparently. plus, we are in insanely pink dresses for our cousins wedding.

So why do I even care? Because Garrett likes my hair up and I want it up for my wedding! It's easier, I won't have to worry about curls falling out or anything, and I LOVE bobbypins. So it's a win all around. I do think if you are a short hair person (as in, you never have your hair long, or only look right/good with short hair), you should have short hair for your wedding. It's fun and different! I'm having an identity crisis though (see post about last names), so that does not apply for me.

an inbetween color, in which my hair was an orange tint from the switch to blonde. Linden says I look like a bobblehead here.

Did you wish you had more time before your big day so that your hair would grow? I have 4 monthsish so I'm counting on two more inches by then. I don't think I could do extensions, except for makeup I want to be pretty much natural for my wedding. My best friend and I used to douse our hair in lemon juice in the summer so that we could be blonder but say "No, I've never dyed my hair!" I'm over that, but the sentiment is the same. I want to be me. Only slightly thinner, taller (thank you shoes), bustier (kind of no choice since the dress has boning), and with whiter teeth. *fingers crossed*

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  1. i love your hair the way garrett hates it. boyz r stoopid.


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