Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pretty Things

Garrett's sick today so I'm home with him. I went and got backyard burger for him (I really wanted it though), and a cool LED message fan that doesn't stay programmed, but is still pretty neat. I have a rant, the past 3 times I've gotten store brand fat free milk they've started smelling funny before the expiration... Could it be my fridge? The conspiracy theorist in me thinks the milk companies are trying to sell more milk by having it expire quicker. But no way, right?

In other news, my sister just won a house! A bid on a house, that is, so when I get the chance to go home hopefully I'll be able to see it and then shower her with all the decorating ideas I can't use until I start living in a big girl house (maybe when our lease is up? hint, hint, house fairy!). 

I want to start taking more daily life pictures but since I haven't, here are some of my favorite things around the web as of late:

really pretty shoes from style me pretty

cameras from flickr user riot jane  (came up when I did a google image search for pretty things)

I really like the hairstyle on the right...(from vintage glam blog)

There will be no miracles here... from go font ur self

fort for grownups from you are my fave

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  1. aww thanks! i'm excited about decorating too. and i am fond of those shoes you have pictured.


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