Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I had a million dollars

It gets boring to only talk about one thing, right? (If men were reading this, they'd probably nod). My favorite thrill for a dollar is lottery tickets. And thanks to Garrett I could be winning $68 million dollars tonight. Here's a helpful link for if you win the lottery.

And here's a fun quote from it:
"A winning ticket is a grand thing, but it doesn't really count until you've got the cash. For now, consider just taking a little sick time or vacation, without explaining why, if possible. You're going to be very busy becoming a millionaire. You probably will quit eventually. Sockman says most winners do, even though at their original interview about a quarter claim they'll keep working. He explains, "They can't imagine how much money they've won. It's a life-changing event."

I can't wait to become a very busy millionare.

Apparently you can make more in the end if you take the lump sum and invest. I like the idea of a yearly salary but I suppose with that much cash I'd have someone I was paying to keep my spending in line. My mom and I really like going through all the things we'd do with the money, and it really is fun. And I'm not the kind of person to get super disappointed when I don't win, either.

This part blows, though:
Once you turn in that ticket, the lottery is required by public information law to release your name and hometown. In other words, you can't avoid the world finding out about you. You might think about holding a press conference to get the media attention over with all at once. And besides, you might be the type that wants to crow to the world, "Look at me, I'm a millionaire!"

I was hoping I could stay anonymous. Oh well, small price(ish?). I think I'd move. Immediately. Probably to Paris or the like. Into my tiny little Parisian home that I could now afford. And I'd have a French tutor.

I know you want the breakdown (or maybe it's just me that does), so here we go:

68 million in a lump sum with taxes taken out... let's just say 20 million.
here's a list but since I have no idea what things cost... I'm just pretty sure I could handle all of this with all that:
-college debt
-house in paris
-siberian tiger at our wedding (for garrett)
-peacock at our wedding (for me)
-an organ grinder monkey with a hat at our wedding (for me)
-a shopping spree in paris (limited to 50,000 I think)
-a custom made dress from oscar de la renta, as in, I shall meet him and he shall make me a dress
- get a daguerrotype made for Garrett
- hire a personal trainer
- and a chef
- and buy nice things for all my friends
-and a car that didn't have to be in the shop all the time. but not a super nice car, I'd be too afraid I'd wreck it.

that's all I've got. where's your money going?


  1. 1) student loans
    2) medical care/housing for my greatgrandparents
    3) college fund for my sister
    4) house for myself, obviously
    5) travel- world tour
    6) expensive photo shoot for moe
    7) if it's over ten million and i could afford it, i'd have a baby.

  2. WHAT?! Hater of all small children would have a baby if she had 10 million dollars? This is news to me! I need to buy you some lotto tix.

  3. 20 million? The possibilities...

    1) Buy a WW2 mothball battleship in the San Fransisco and cut a deal with the Navy to get it towed to San Diego for special privielages. If not there then Manressa beach area.
    2) Rip out half of the bulk heads and reform them into a casino. Casino equipped with the works; Fine dining kitchen, bakery, brewery, card tables, pools, restaurants, bars, clubs, sea doos.
    3) The largest block ice freezer that the chip can fit on it to make ice cravings, daily. Enough to make statues and a bar around the pool for night festivals.
    4)Buy five local farms or ranches to grow the food, make wine, press oil, produce vinegar, curd cheese, ferment beer and distil spirits.

    I think that about does it... I think I might have gone over but not by too much.

  4. 1) yes. i think i'm slowly changing my stance on kids. in maybe five years, at the very least. but its a secret, so shhh.
    2) ian doesn't understand the lottery...you get that much money so you don't have to work, not to buy yourself more work. also, i assume you mean "ice carving" and to that i say heartily, wtf?

  5. yeah, ian doesn't get the lottery. but when I'm a millionare I can pay him to make me a daily ice sculpture, apparently.

  6. I guess I don't understand. When I think of a huge kitchen with breweries and the works I think TOYS.
    Yes, Kelly when you win the lottery you should hire me as your personal chef. Ice carvings are amazingly fun and AWESOME. Chainsaws, chisels, files and snow flying everywhere until you have beauty. They also become great platters for cold foods and for dispensing gallons of cocktails.

    Yes, Linden I am sorry. But if I won then you guys could vacation and have a vip table filled all sorts of treats.



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