Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm cheating, because I posted this on EAD first, but please forgive me. My STDs are going to start going out today. I didn't make a lot of them, because I got really antsy and mixing the ink for the gocco was more frustrating than I thought. But I do really love how they turned out. So blam.

This was the trial run, we ended up using wedding white since these are STDs and it makes them pop. The statue is our commissioned hedgehog/cottontail from Nelson Grice (local Bham artist, check out his stuff)

Garrett's the cottontail and I'm the hedgehog. The height should probably let you know that. You can also call Garrett Gideon, he tells restaurants that's his name and when they are hyper caffeinated starbuck's employees they put on a fake accent and say "Gee-dee-ohn!" and "Kel-lay!" and we laugh and laugh. I've had a good week.

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