Friday, July 17, 2009

Around the web

I like it when my favorite blogs post things they've found around the web, since they stalk some blogs that I don't. So, in case you are new to blog stalking and haven't seen these yet, here you go...

found via Cup of Jo, this is a designer, who decided for a whole year to wear just one dress, with different accessories. I think I'd get sick of wearing a dress everyday, sometimes I just need pants, but she's pulling it off pretty well. It's called The Uniform Project
and it's raising money for education related expenses for kids in slums in India. People can donate accessories for the project or money. I approve.

We're going to San Francisco in August and I would so love a framed copy of something like this. Or I wish my hands were skilled enough to do that with an exacto knife. whatever. All I'm saying, is that this looks like an awesome gift for someone even vaguely artsy who is getting married. Or someone with a font fetish.

ranunculus wedding invitation, via Pink Lily Press

I brought this in with me as inspiration for our wedding invites (can't wait to see a proof & go help crank out a few on a letterpress!!) since I'm hoping to have ranunculus at our reception (unless fifty flowers fails me). I really love the stylized look, especially the one that's just an outline. More on our invites as things progress. But Jenny from  Press Charming 
has convinced me to do envelope liners. I know, I'm crazy! But they will be splendid!

gnomes, from a print a day

I love gnomes. So much. But PLEASE don't send me a bunch of gnome stuff for every holiday until I die. I learned after I told people that I liked turtles, that it goes too far really quick. Gnome t-shirts? Okay, I don't have any of those. Garden gnomes? I'm without a yard, so let's keep that to a minimum. Cute little cupcake gnomes? Now we're getting somewhere.

from weddingbeepro Amy Salinger, for more creative rings, go here.

a ring to make sure you don't forget what day you need to do, whatever it is you need to do. like, get married. (it's days of the week plus a 2 digit number, one with 4 digits would be good for anniversary forgetters). Garrett asked if I'd kill him if he forgot our anniversary. I said no. But, I'm wondering if he would even be able to forget since I talk about my birthday nonstop the month before, and I'm pretty sure I'd be informing him of which anniversary is each year. (I'm hoping for our paper anniversary we can buy plane tickets to Europe for an anniversary-moon since we're putting off our Iceland-Paris-Belgium adventure until we can for sure afford it).

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  1. The gnome paraphernalia is too cute.

    Can't wait to see the envelope liner project! I thought of that, but ran out of time.


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