Sunday, July 5, 2009

Napkin folding, next stop on the crazy train.

cute little roll baskets! I should practice making these just to become a more awesome person.

^these are the napkins I was thinking about... maybe I can alternate by table? Or just do one color. they're 83¢ each if I get 72 or more.

I have this strange desire to buy cloth napkins for our reception and fold them in some fancy way to decorate our tables. I tried out the bishop's hat and think it turned out okay. I could also think about the rose. Of course, I'd probably be doing this the day of my wedding. But that's okay, because if all works out Garrett & I will be married before October 3rd and that day will just be a nice relaxing party. Relaxing and party don't fit too well. Whatever. So, do you like the napkins? Are you impressed by fancy napkins? And which option do you prefer?

Rose from the napkin folding guide

The Waterfall pleat, from

flickr user zylemcries
this last one is the rose again, but made with paper. I think I might prefer the look of these, and paper napkins seem like they'd be easier to fold and a lot cheaper! Eh?


  1. I saw the simplest napkin fold if you have two colors. Fold both napkins together and flip the inside one out, it makes a great two-tone effect. I thought that was pretty cool and would have done that if I was doing different colored napkins.

  2. have you picked out a caterer yet? can't they do this, so you don't have to stress yourself out with a cake buffet, candy bar, photo booth, and teacup centerpieces AND folding napkins...not to mention greeting friends and family, answering vendors' questions, worry about the dj playing the right music, and enjoying your new husband?

    i just don't want you to have an aneurysm or lose your hair or anything.


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