Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help me pick my wedding lips!

Okay, here are the two choices. Both are Covergirl outlast and in the berry family. The first is timeless ruby, and it seems a bit more magenta/fuschia to me. The second is wine satin and it's a little more red. I know they aren't that different, but humor me. It's a big decision. 

pardon that dorky expression on the first face, I'm not a good photography subject and besides that, Garrett makes me laugh.

So, number 1 or number 2?

Oh, and stay tuned next week when I will hopefully have my hair dyed (eek!) something resembling my natural blonde color (which is very much alive in about half of my hair, and while I call it "golden blonde" it's a little bit brassy/dirty).


  1. um. they look the same....? except maybe i like the first looks more red, which, admittedly may be caused by less teeth in the pictures.

  2. ...i say 1st one looks more, i've been eating alot of berries...2nd looks more, coral-ly red..

    and good god thats the girliest i've been in a long time


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