Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bridal Shower

our cake

This past weekend was my first (and probably only) bridal shower. Garrett's grandmother and her friends/relatives arranged it in the small rural town they live in here in Alabama. It reminded me a lot of my hometown, at least people-wise. Needham is a milltown and far more country than Princeton (my hometown) is now, but the feel is the same. Being from NC, my southern-ness is doubted being this far south, but I'll eat collards and that makes me southern enough for Garrett's grandmother at least. 
Garrett's mom & me

I didn't know most of the attendees of the shower and I don't think Garrett did either, but it was fun. I secretly (not so secretly if you know me) really like presents, and opening them, so getting 42 of them was really fun. 

me with one of many cake plates & Garrett's grandmother

We ended up with 4 cake plates, 2 hand mixers, a lot of towels, a toaster/convection oven, 2 sets of knives, a cupcake carrier (Garrett and I were really excited about that), waffle maker, fondue set (can't wait to use it, hopefully Lisa and Stacy -two of my best friends- can come enjoy with me), a Bama serving platter (roll tide!)...I thought we'd need to upgrade to a 2 bedroom apartment to accomodate the loot. And the wedding presents haven't even started yet.

Me with the hostesses

We had lots of food and Garrett's baby cousins were there to distract the women from focusing all of their attention on me (my how older women love babies!). I had a really good time and the only downside is that I'm already 42 behind in writing thank you notes and I'm not even married yet!

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