Sunday, August 9, 2009

Near Heart Attack


So, Garrett and I will be getting married in San Francisco this coming Thursday, at the city hall. I kind of wanted to surprise blog readers, but I think I'll leave that surprise for the EAD readers that don't follow dash pinch smidgen. Mainly so I can talk about the stress that comes with the idea of getting on a plane with my wedding dress in 3 days. And getting my hair dyed 1 day before we leave (2 days before the wedding). And how excited I am. 

But really, I wanted to divulge my near heart attack yesterday. Garrett and I went to a wedding for two of his friends from high school. When the bride walked down the aisle I went (in my head) "oh my god, that's my dress." Scalloped lace straight across neckline, strapless, lace gets sporadic, normal length train, sash (different color than mine, kind of). I was freaking out.

 I'm really not the kind of person to care about people wearing the same thing as me (at dinner before prom in 10th grade a girl was wearing the same dress at dinner but she was going to another school's prom and everyone tried to console me, saying "you look ten times better in it!" but I didn't care at all and it just made me feel sorry for the other girl. hopefully she didn't care either. and then senior year of high school I went to a formal at washington and lee -because I was considering going there- and there were TONS of people and two of us had the same dress. meh. who cares).

All that aside, Garrett hasn't seen my dress, and I didn't want him to see it 4 days before we got married on someone else. So I secretly hoped he wouldn't get a good glimpse, I thought about asking him if he liked her dress (heh heh, although, if he didn't, what then?), I thought about calling my girl friends and freaking out to them. 

I get over it during the ceremony a little bit, I was too focused on the fact my stupid stomach was growling and listening intently since we'll be making the same commitment very soon. Plus, what was I going to do about it?

So then, the bride and groom kiss, and walk out, past us, and I realise that no, it is not my dress. Oh, thank God. There were definitely similarities but Garrett probably didn't look close enough to even remember what her dress looked like. It turned out that the lace pattern was different, the fit of the top was  a little different (hers was a looser fabric and mine has some serious boning that means it's going nowhere), and the skirt was a little more a-line on hers, mine is a little bit mermaid/trumpet. Sigh of relief. 

That realization definitely made the reception better, if not the crabcakes and mimosas and cake. And the bride was as sweet as she could be and I met some of Garrett's high school friends that I hope will be able to make it to our reception in October. 

Oh, another funny note about the wedding...Garrett and I had considered having our wedding on August 8 (8-8, because his b-day is 7-7 and mine is 9-9) but the church was booked that day. Their wedding is the wedding that was booked. I'm glad my bridezilla-ness was over within the first few weeks of my engagement and now I can just laugh about it. 

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  1. Kelly, my friend's wedding was the week before mine and her dress was similar (though I had many different elements). It's hard not to compare.

    But it's you and your dress and Garrett. He'll think you're awesome regardless. Good luck, I know it must be nuts now. I need a week to recover from the wedding.


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