Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day after shoot inspiration--help appreciated!

We are doing another photo shoot! Because I am addicted to getting married. Actually because I fell behind on getting ready on the day of our reception and our lovely photographer is being amazing and humoring (mainly me) with a shoot for fun. I've been so stressed over everything else that I haven't really come up with ideas for us. So, here are some photos I like. Feel free to contribute some thoughts or pictures. Especially you, Linden.

by Mark Brooke, I love how long her legs looks! Not achievable with a wedding dress on and a 5'2" body, but I like the interaction and setting.

I like this moment too. Sloan Photographers.

Perhaps some photos in Lynn Park, where some of our engagement pictures were taken? (Capitolshots Photography)

I need a leaf picture. Nuff said. (via Once Wed)

amelia lyon's engagement shoot of her sister! I like flare.

Shall we jump on the bed? (

I'm fond of framing. (sloan photographers)

I like the one on the right. (J'M Photography)

Other ideas: bookstores/libraries, what's on second, our roof, veil over my face, picture with our silhouette in it.

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