Monday, October 19, 2009

You get what you ask for... kind of?

You'll never guess what I got you from your registry of pre-selected gifts

The whole wedding registry thing is annoying. Did anyone else see Pam ask for money on The Office and go "Why can't I do that?" Now our wedding is over and done with so I think our wedding loot is complete, and I'm pretty sure our 1 bedroom apartment couldn't handle any more.

Our main problem with the whole registry thing is... we didn't really want more stuff. I guess we could've not made a registry and just shrugged when hounded about it but I was already getting so much grief about everything I was doing against the norms that I decided to take my only opportunity to make a wish list people had to adhere to. And it definitely had its benefits. A set of Henckel's knives (I've never had good knives. And okay, I've only used the paring knife and the fancy scissors, but I like the potential); 7 place settings of our selected china (everyday white, plain but pretty, and we have two gift cards that can finish out the set), a slow cooker, picnic basket (too bad it's getting cold!), and lots of baking tools (I am so much more of a baker than a chef. so I can only make people fat).

(also from someecards.)

I know we will use most of the things we got, but it's hard not to think of how we were getting along without those things before (plus I gave in pre-wedding and bought things like a casserole dish, pie pan, cake pans, colander out of necessity), and wishing we had the money instead, since we might end up living in europe for a year just for kicks or trying to buy a house.

And I promise I'm not being unappreciative, but I find it interesting that some people will always buy you things that are not on any list anywhere. It's like the infamous chip and dip set that everyone gets. (If you watch madmen, you'll remember Pete taking theirs back and buying a gun.) Judging by our haul, you'd think we were lawyers that would be hosting big dinner parties, with various serving platters (including 2 Bama plates, so, football party anyone?), waterford crystal glasses (gorgeous but where will we keep them?), 2 chip & dip sets. Plus, neither Garrett nor I can take anything back, we're the kind of people that attach to everything. I named all of my stuffed animals and Garrett has to buy the book he was looking at first in the store, even if he discovers a cosmetic flaw. We're attached to these people, even if their presents have nothing to do with us.

I guess now that it's over I'll suck it up and try to start cooking. And serving.

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  1. i love this post. mostly because i can SO relate. I remember throwing a bridal shower for my friend, who received (all from the SAME shower) not 4, not 5, but 6 blenders. Yes... no joke. Funny thing is, i think only one of them was actually on her registry. WHY people?! Anyway, here's a thought that might hopefully help you. Some people (some) buy gifts having in mind ahead of time that if the bride and groom aren't happy that they'll just return or exchange them for something else that they DO want. So, maaaybe just maybe you can have that in your mind when you come across something you REALLY just don't want and think... "they might not mind if we get rid of it... they might even be expecting it!"

    just a suggestion! :) ...hope y'all are having a blast being Mr. & Mrs.!


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