Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

I feel like Christmas and Thanksgiving are two things you always think are the same for everyone when you are a child, and as you grow up you are surprised at the things other people leave out or add on. Garrett was shocked to learn that I have grown up without the experience of an advent calendar and I was shocked (and scared) to learn that Garrett grew up without having real Christmas trees because of his asthma. We have intentions to buy a baby tree (he loves charlie brown) and hope for the best.

We're going to my hometown for Thanksgiving (is it not completely weird that we now have to pick sides for holidays?) and Garrett's mom asked me at dinner last night what our thanksgiving table is like.
by Amy Neunsinger on Real Simple

Here it goes:
-turkey (baked/roasted in the oven)
-dressing (i actually need to ask what's in it, all I know is it comes out of a casserole dish, has onions in it, and is delicious, especially when combined with a little piece of turkey and some canned cranberry sauce in one bite)
-cranberry sauce (oft from the can but the occasional real cranberried concoction. I love seeing the can shaped cylinder on a plate and cutting off a circle of it. And, real cranberries are pretty tart from my experience)
-deviled eggs (Garrett shutters every time I say that. He doesn't like hard boiled eggs or mayonnaise. It's the one thing I've always made for the meal though, while I let the real cooks--my mom & sister, do the rest)
-brown and serve rolls (one of my favorite holiday foods, seriously)
-sweet potato souffle (with pineapples & pecans [I used to say P-can like in When Harry Met Sally but Garrett thought I was crazy so now I say puh-cahn], sometimes raisins)

sometimes foods (like cookies for cookie monster these days)
-lime congealed salad- kind of like watergate salad, main ingredients are lime jello, cream cheese, and marshmellows.
-fruit salad (we used to make this with mayonnaise but these days it's just apples, oranges, bananas, and orange juice)
-broccoli casserole
-brown rice (rice with beef broth and onions in a casserole dish)
-macaroni and cheese casserole (yum!!!)

Garrett's not crazy about Thanksgiving foods except for his mom's family's stuffing, which might have sausage in it? I think we'll be having another turkey dinner next week, so I'll fill you in. My most memorable Thanksgiving was the time we moved into a new house when I was 5, on Thanksgiving day, during the pouring rain, and ate at Shoneys. And last year, when I went with Garrett's family to NYC for the Macy's Day Parade and a ridiculous meal at Gilt (so so good). I have found memories of singing Thanksgiving songs in elementary school (like where oh where has my turkey leg gone, for example) and learning about pilgrims and indians. Good times.

I think one thing I'll add when eventually Garrett & I have to create our own version of Thanksgiving, is pumpkin pie. Garrett loves it more than anything else I can manage to cook, and I shouldn't give up my secret but it is oh so easy. Just buy the can of Libby's pumpkin and follow the recipe. I buy the pie crust box that you just add water and roll out (shortbread versus graham cracker) and it's excellent!

What's your traditional Thanksgiving meal? Any newlyweds cooking their own meal this year? Any strange traditions in your friends' or significant others' families? Do any of my foods sound bizarre to you?

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