Saturday, December 5, 2009

Featured Local Vendor, Huntsville, AL : Jennfunique

While browsing local etsy shops a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the shop Jennfunique , which features hair accessories and jewelry but especially headbands. Since headbands are such a huge wedding trend right now, in the wedding & real worlds, I thought it would be awesome to feature her shop!

Bottom Row: Autumn PuffDizzieTiffany

The Interview:

Kelly : How did you start making headbands?
Jennifer : I've always been really crafty. About 10 years ago I started managing a handmade jewelry and bead shop for my best friends mom. So obviously, I started out making jewelry.  Just this past year I decided to expand to other accessories. I started making headbands and I couldn't stop. I've started making scarves as well but found it's not as fun for me. I tend to get tired of one thing and move on but I absolutely love making hair accessories and I don't think I'll ever stop. It's way funner than making jewelry. :)

K: Are you making any homemade presents for Christmas this year?

J: All of the women in my family are getting hair accessories, go figure!

K: Are there any tricks to wearing headbands?

J: YES! Teasing your hair in the back and top make a huge difference. I recommend it.
[ good to know! I'm not good at being a tease but vow to learn for the sake of my headband wearing!]

K: Where do you go for inspiration?

J: I generally stick to browsing online just because it has the most pictures of anywhere else. I also have an inspiration wall in my craft room. When I get magazines (Anthropologie, Free People, Alloy, etc.) in the mail I look thru it for things that inspire me and rip them out and stick `em up on my wall.

K: Would you rock a headband on your wedding day? Or some other kind of fabulous hairpiece?

J: Absolutely. I actually have thought about this several times since I'm not married yet. Something very unique and vintage inspired, and most likely BIG. lol

K: Can anybody rock a headband, or are there ideal hairstyles/personalities?

J: Anyone. There are so many different styles to go with different personalities and hair styles.
Even if your "Plain Jane" there's skinny simple bands. And as you've seen in my shop, they can get pretty outrageous. I tend to make the crazy large headbands but generally only wear the smaller ones because my hair is red and I already stand out! I don't want to be an attention hog. lol

K: If you could design a headband for a celebrity, who would it be and what would it look like?
J: Gwen Stefani. I love her style! It would be a huge pink and white striped fabric bow on a skinny band. Yes, that sounds about right. :)

K: What are some of your favorite etsy shops?
J: Hmm, that's a hard one. I have 579 favorite shops in my list!!
favorite prints shop is Corid & Pinky Toast 
favorite dress shop is SarahSeven 
favorite soap shop is Dennis Anderson 
favorite knit shop is Emily Sparks 
favorite hat shop is Piper and Paisley 
Weew! It's hard to pick favorites on Etsy, I have too many!

Now go head over to her shop! All items are either free shipping or $1, so buy some Christmas presents, bridesmaid gifts, or a gift for yourself! I definitely want to buy a lot more homemade gifts this year, they are lovely and unique, and something feels different about something you can look at and know it's a result of a person like you creating their vision.

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