Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions(ish)

i think it's hysterical that the 2010 glasses are such a big issue on the web. here's the original site for this image.

I had a great time New Year's Eve and was definitely really excited about 2010 and the fresh start a new year implies. And then, I felt sick on New Year's Day. I didn't leave my apartment once (Garrett brought me some food) and I just felt kind of icky. My stomach hurt a bit and I was a little dizzy but nothing major. So there went Day 1. Good thing I hadn't written out a list of things to do, that somehow makes me feel like the year hasn't actually started.

I hate promising to do things because I don't do well when I disappoint myself. Instead, here are suggestions to better living, for me, this year. Oh, and exercise isn't even going to appear on this list. It works much better when the thought of working out sneaks up behind me and grabs me, when I'm too delirious to stop it.

1. Cook 3 or more meals a week. This is piddly, but Garrett and I love eating out and the food is so much better than things I can slave over in the kitchen. Thus, we spend a huge proportion of our budget on food and I don't learn any new cooking skills. I got the "How to Cook Everything" cookbook for Christmas and I'm gonna take some baby steps but it's gonna happen. This week? Probably not.

2. Schedule at least one photo shoot a week. I hate getting into a funk after a week or two of not shooting, and now that it's cold it's so tempting to stay inside! But no, we will adventure, and even if it's just for fun, I will get out there and shoot! That being said, if you want to model or schedule any sort of shoot with me, drop me a line: kelly[at]

3. Visit New Orleans, Galveston, NYC, and DC this year. Garrett and I have family/friends in each of those locations and that's a plenty good enough reason to go there.

4. Make a quilt. I've wanted to do this for years and I married the grandson of a quilter and thus this will indeed be the year. I have some fabric, I'm getting a sewing machine (I want to go completely made by hand but not sure if I will for this first one) as a Christmas present from Garrett, and I love quilts more than most other things.

5. Set up a tripod and take (at least weekly) pictures of my hair and/or outfits. I really step it up when I decide I'm going to take a picture of myself and I bought some new hairspray that makes me really excited to play with my hair. I have a big ol bump on the back of my head right now. And it's fabulous.

6. Learn to embroider. It just seems really fun and before too long one of our Birmingham friends will be having a baby! So I may go crazy personalizing outfits and bibs and such. Just a warning, Onna.

7. Go on a honeymoon! I'm not sure if we'll postpone this until 2011 but I think it would be fabulous to at least start planning an actual honeymoon where we leave work at home for a week or two and head off to Belgium, France, Iceland, or somewhere equally wonderful.

8. Host a Sleepover. I miss sleepovers so much, and this will probably have to wait until we move into a bigger place (our lease is up in February and I love our little one bedroom but we need more places to put our things!), but I really want to relive my glory days. Not sure if we should do a co-ed sleepover or if I should kick Garrett out for a night.

We should probably have 2 sleepovers. One thing I've wanted to do for a while is invite my brides over for a wedding themed movie watching night (there are so many to choose from! father of the bride, my best friend's wedding, my big fat greek wedding, wedding crashers). Would it weird you out to be invited to a sleepover by your photographer though?

9. Take a class of some sort. I'd really like to take a crafty class, sewing or printmaking, or even a photography class just to get me back in the groove. Oh, and I am desperately craving a dark room to use. I know it's silly, but film is so much more hands-on and mysterious. I spent many late late nights in college finishing up photo projects in really way too quiet dark rooms, and I honestly miss it.

10. Take my freaking vitamins! I know that iron deficiency and B vitamin deficiency can cause tiredness and I know I'm borderline anemic so there's no excuse for me to be walking around like a zombie all the time when I could just take a vitamin. Plus, I've heard rumor that they have gummy one a days now. Though, I would prefer a grown up one-a-day that tastes like the flintstones.

*edit* just realized that I'd never deconstructed flintstones into flint stones (which is probably why i've always spelled it wrong). bad archaeologist.


  1. I totally understand #1, because that is exactly how we are. Our goal is four meals at home a week, so far, I'm planning to cook tonight. Let's see how long that lasts!
    PS: The failed 2010 glasses are hilarious.

  2. haha, I'm loving that glasses fail image.

    This is such a great list of things to strive for this year! I would also love to make a quilt someday...and taking my vitamins is on my list of goals as well. ha.

    I hope 2010 treats you well! :)


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