Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wedding Recap: Reception Part II

 You wouldn't believe how hard it is to post recaps. I loved my wedding and now I want to move on to life things! And, other peoples' weddings. It's really fun to party vicariously through someone else's vision.  I'm always suggesting blogs to my clients! If it wouldn't require more time than I was physically capable of, I'd love to be a photographer and a wedding planner. And a curiosity shop owner.

 All that aside, I'm looking forward to these final few recap posts, and hopefully by the end of 2010 putting together a wedding album for us. It's a way more challenging process as the bride, and I'll be so glad when I have an actual book to flip through!

 But for now, let the party continue!

Garrett's little cousin Warren is one of my faves. I asked him recently when he was going to go to big school and he replied "when I get big." So cute and so sassy.

We've known each other since first grade. Our blonde hair and blue eyes brought us together even when our height difference threatened to tear us apart. Just kidding, but I'm 5'2" and Stacy's 5'11", so we're height opposites for sure.

Pretty sure this was "to the window to the wall" (Get low). Classic wedding song. I love it.

And this one was either "Shout" which Garrett requested to be played the whole night or 500 miles, which everyone apparently loves to dance to.

Photos by Kristen Stewart Photography and Je Vois Photography, editing by Spindle Photography.


  1. Great party! And I totally know what you mean getting through the recaps. I'm still working on mine, too. Life happens fast!

  2. Oh man I am so lame and didn't really recap.

    I love your dancing pictures - it's all about those moments.

  3. Wonderful pictures! What a lovely wedding.


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