Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pantone Bridesmaid Dresses

I was pretty stoked when I saw this over at Style Me Pretty

Dessy, the Bridesmaid dress company, has 190 different colors of dresses to choose from so that you can match your wedding colors perfectly. You can even order copies of the swatch to leave with your florist, planner, venue, etc. How clever! They win, clearly.

Alfred Sung Style D440, color::majestic.

This is my favorite dress from their site right now. This is a bridesmaid dress I would wear again and again. Hear that, unmarried friends? I would really consider buying it anyway. Does anyone know what it retails for?

Oh, and graphic folks totally geek out over pantone books. So buy your favorite design person one today. Or me, because I don't own a pantone book but I can pretty much guarantee my life would improve tenfold if I did. 

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